What a busy month it was

I fell in love with Play framework.
That is really cool piece of software and it is fun to work with. Recommended. We are currently using it in couple of projects and so far it saved us a fair amount of time.

And new Eclipse (Indigo) has arrived to the Internets :-)

Also Lotus Notes/Domino 8.5.2 FP3 is out with some annoyng bugs fixed. And it seems to be a bit faster.

Validation in XPages: one of the two fields should be filled in

Recently friend of mine asked me for help with an XPages application and one of the "problems" we had was validating user inputs.
We needed to make sure that user enters something in one of the two fields. My first thought was "ok, it's going to be a simple xp:validateExpression checking for non empty string and returning true". But after giving it one more thought, I ended up with "just make one of the fields required, if the other one is empty"


Finding optimal Git workflow

As Git becomes available as a VCS for Domino Designer (thanks to Nathan T. Freeman for contributing EGit plugin compatible with it), I can start using the same workflow for developing/releasing/hotfixing as I use with Java and Drupal development.
I'm pretty comfortable with gitflow way of doing these tasks, based on this branching model. And there is also git-flow-completion - a perfect companion for it.


My old ThinkPad T60

I bought it in December 2006! It still works fine except it is starting to make really too much noise sometimes, maximum amount of memory is 4GB, battery isn't able to keep it going for more than 2 hours. And it is 15", with 9-cell battery that is "sticking out" on the back side of the notebook. It is quite heavy.

I've replaced old hard drive with Intel SSD 160GB year ago. Notebook is now blazingly fast. But - as stated above - has some problems. So it is time to buy new one.

BLUG 2011 day 2

Second day of BLUG 2011 was starting with two "blast" sessions: Admin and Xpages. I kind of wanted to see both of them, but finally I took the Admin one. And it was great and I am sure the Xpages one was great either.
Fabulous @Formulas by Kathy Brown (Running Notes) made me think about how is it possible to work with some product for so long (I started with Notes 3.0) and still stumble on a completely new things.



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